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Colorado Springs Pumbers Drain Cleaning Specials!

Colorado Springs Pro Power Rooter is Lowest Priced Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Service, trust the experienced reliable Pro Power Rooter for your sewer and drain plumbing needs.

We can have one of our expert drain cleaning technicians at your door and ready to fix any of your drain problems at your convenience. With the latest tools and technology our drain technicians will fix your leaky sinks to dripping faucets, flooded toilets and more serious matters such as tree root blockages in the main line.

We are always ready to respond to you drain problems, for any residential or commercial property owner with an emergency were there is a need for a drain clog solution.

We have the lowest prices in Colorado Springs, CO and El Paso county Guaranteed!

Call (719) 331-4071 or visit us online
We Clean Out Your Drain, Not Your Wallet!

Online Specials










New Customers, Seniors and Military Receive 15% Off Any Drain Job!

 Call (719) 331-4071



Must mention 15% discount when requesting service




 Sewer & Drain Cleaning Specials Regular price for sewer line cleaning with an outside clean out $90.00 (up to 100 Ft)
Drains with easy access from 1 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ pipe $75.00 (up to 50 Ft) 
We also offer a discount to these already low prices if you qualify.


Sewer line clogs can cause sewage to back up and get into your smaller diameter drain pipes. The smaller drain pipes are not designed to convey the sewage. This situation can cause a more costly remedy. It is common to have a sewer line back-up and cause smaller, secondary drain lines to clog as well. Even after the sewer line blockage is cleared. We advise having your sewer lines inspected and cleaned out regularly to prevent any serious damages caused by back-ups. Let us know if you want it done annually and we will give you a special price. If your main line is clogged, you can always rely on Pro Power Rooter on providing a dependable sewer line cleaning services for regular maintenance or in an emergency situation.

Drain line clogs are always a hassle, and when you try to tackle it on your own it usually gets very messy, hard and dangerous – an extremely unpleasant experience, to say the least. Luckily, our drain cleaning experts enjoy their work and are equipped with the tools, materials and techniques necessary to clear your plugged-up drains fast.

Our reliable 24-hour sewer & drain service is affordable and fast. Every drain technician at Pro Power Rooter is a

professional with years of drain experience. Allow us to clean your sewer or any drain in your home, including sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, floor drains and more. We can handle any type of job, big or small, with the same level of quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons for a Plumbing Drain Pipe Inspection


Top 5 Reasons to do a plumbing drain pipe inspection

1. Clogged Drains
Having a clogged drain repeatedly is not anyone’s idea of fun. Clogged drains are common when a plumbing system has not be serviced or has not been inspected to find for issues in the system. Clogged drains are very common in sinks when a drain has been left to be clogged by owners or those who forget to get inspections.

2. Bursting or Leaking Pipes
Leaking pipes often create more damage in a home or business if they are not taken care of, make sure that you get a home inspection and find out if you have any pipes which are in danger of leaking. Bursting or leaking pipes are very expensive to fix and can happen when you least expect it, find out today if yours are safe.

3. No Way to shut off the Water

When you don’t get an inspection done and things go wrong, the first thing that can happen is your water wont turn off. Learn where your shut off valves are and make sure that they are working properly. The last thing you want to happen is a leak which you can’t stop, then
your entire house will flood causing severe water damage.

4. Warding off Seasonal Problems
Seasonal problems like frozen pipes or growing roots which can break your pipes is common. Get an inspection and you will find out whether your house is in danger before the problem and it save

s your hundreds and even thousands of dollars on repair bills. If you value having running water all year round its best to know whether your business or home is safe.

5. Cutting down on repair bill expenses 
When your know if your house or business is in danger of damages you can take steps to stop this. Cut down on your expenses and save your money, get your home inspected today for any leaks or potential nightmares! What you can do is go through your own plumbing safety check list.

Pro Power Rooter offers a plumbing drain pipe inspection for free, if you would like to schedule for one call (719) 331-4071 then we will have a drain technician on his way to see you today. Our sewer and drain technicians are knowledgeable courteous and helpful they will be happy to discuss any type of problem you are having with your drains and plumbing system.




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